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I was born again in New Creation Church in Singapore since 26 Aug 2004. I was facing challenges with my work earlier 2004.

One day, I met one of my long lost friend – Don. He was a football bookie when I knew him; that day, his name card states his designation as Managing Director of a company. Boy I was curious to find out what he did. To my surprised, he kept on mentioning to me that it was the Lord who brought him to where he is. I could not understand, but I made a decision to visit his church and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

Weeks went on and I was going for jobs interview. I came out of 1 interview and thought that I missed it. It was the second interview with the Managing Director, yet I never mentioned about my expected salary. Right there in the lobby, I talked (I have yet to find out what Praying is) to Jesus. I told the Lord that I wanted the job. Not only that, I want them to offer me a salary higher than what I stated in my Resume. You know what? I got that job with an additional $500 than what I asked for in my Resume. Praise the Lord! Since then, knowing that Jesus is my Savior, my provider, I have been walking with him. Though I still have challenges, but the Lord is always with me. By the lord’s grace, I have been receiving Jesus’ blessings.

God’s Grace

In fact, if not for his Grace and protection; I may not be alive to share this blog with you. I was driving my family out on the road and approached a T-junction. My wife is on my left side (we drive on right), while my eldest son seated right behind me. The light was green (even my wife saw it), and I am supposed to go straight and turn right. Just as I approached the junction, I was prompted to stop the car. I stopped in the midst of the green light with no cars coming from behind. Just then, a white Merc drove past us from our right side to our left. I got so angry and started cursing the driver only to realized that I was alive. If I went ahead, either myself or my eldest son maybe injured. Halleluiah!

Similar incident happened again after some time. I was driving my colleague out for lunch. I needed to turn right at a cross junction when the green arrow light appeared but did not. And suddenly a oncoming truck speed past the junction. Phew! Praise The Lord!

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